Pitti Immagine invades every year the city of Florence in its two editions (January and June) as a hurricane of freshness, color and timeliness. On these occasions, the city of Florence is transformed into a modern city and with the style of the great European capitals: in the streets celebrities or strangers with daring styles and refined, events on each local, theater, store. The risk is to make an overdose of fashion within a few hours, for this the approach, for those staying more than one day, it should be to visit the pavilion to pavilion with a bit of calm and make a distinction between all proposals of the companies present. In fact, compared to of so many famous names from the world of fashion, Pitti is also discovering, craftsmanship and Made in Italy.

We start today by Pitti Italics, the program of the Fondazione Pitti Discovery to promote the new generation of designers who design and produce in Italy, with an international vision. The protagonists selected for the 89th edition are Federico Curradi and Vittorio Branchizio. Federico Curradi, already known for his extensive experience with Ermanno Scervino, Roberto Cavalli e Iceberg, he launched a preview of his new brand with a bold collection presented through a breathtaking performance set in a post-atomic scenery.

Vittorio Branchizio , winner of the 2015 Who is on Next ? Men he is the Dogana on Via Valfonda. Noble yarns and advanced technologies are the basis of the creations of Vittorio Branchizio, minimalist in the shapes, complex in the textures and in the geometries. Knitwear made of contrasts where psychedelic elements are mixed with classical elements. You devote the right time, you tested the products, you admire the designs, then you rest for a moment at the foot of the installations by Oliviero Baldini: the next step that awaits you is the section Make dedicated to craftsmanship and luxury tailoring.