LottoZero is a project of two sisters, Tessa and Arianna Moroder, which has as main objective to develop partnerships between young designers and companies in the textile, furniture, fashion, jewelery and leather, in order to create products , projects and innovative initiatives. In particular young artists and designers are supported in developing their products and define its position on the market, in a perspective of sharing resources and information.

Ob-Fashion for Lottozero 3

The first project by Lottozero is the creation of a new center in Tuscany, with the main function of the textile laboratory dedicated to research, experimentation, prototyping and exchange of information in the textile field, but not only. It will be called Lottozero / Textile Laboratories open in late spring 2016 in a building from the industrial charm and will be a shared workspace open to Italian and international designers. The center will house a machinery for textile design, an exhibition space for exhibitions and events and an open studio for designers, artists and craftsmen.

Ob-Fashion for Lottozero

To finance the purchase of machinery, the founders of Lottozero / Textile Laboratories have launched a campaign of crowdfunding on Kickstarter, the largest platform of its kind and the most known in the world. The collection of scarves is the highlight of this campaign and was carried out in collaboration with some of the most interesting Italian and European young artists and designers of the moment, as the illustrator Anna Deflorian and Studio Mut, graphic designer based in Bolzano.

Ob-Fashion for Lottozero 2

Richly patterned give life to scarves in silk twill and silk / modal, 100% made in Italy. These scarves are celebrating Italian art and instill optimism and confidence. In addition to scarves, the campaign aims to supporters other prizes such as greeting cards and cotton shopper. The campaign will continue until 17 March 2016 on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, if you also want to contribute to this project is the time to do it by clicking HERE.

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