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Giorgia Arcidiacono is a stylist full of talent who produces tailored, exclusive creations every day with passion and experience. Exciting textiles to live and wear. From the inspiration to the creative idea, up until the last detail, Giorgia covers everything with great care and mastery. The garments are designed for the woman, to enhance her beauty and give her a special elegance.

Her headquarters are in the heart of Naples, a city she fell in love with after various travels and experiences, then choosing it as her home. And it’s there that Giorgia hand-packages, along with her valuable team, collections capable of conquering us from the first glance. Giorgia Arcidiacono is more than a brand. It’s a visionary essence, a creative experience that lives in an exciting dimension made of colours, harmonies, forms and geometries. The dress becomes a means of expression, the entrance key to a dimension free from time, confines and conventions.

High tailoring unites with the most contemporary fashion, flavoured with a pinch of nostalgic retro that never gets old. The Arcidiacono woman is feminine, adequately romantic, and loves to change not only her clothes but also textiles, volumes and colour. Giorgia’s experimentation moves forwards, launching ahead with the spring-summer of 2019 a collection that talks about Art. Inspired by Kandinskij and his symphonies of colour, the designer creates refines combinations of styles comprised of fluid silhouettes and soft lines. The woman moves freely, wrapped in nuances and comfortable formations.

The pants are super-wide and go in combination with a delicate shirt or alternatlvely a bodysuit or crop top; the dresses seduce with class in midi to maxi lengths, opening themselves with deep necklines and accenting themselves with colour. Super-long gilets complete the tailored outfits, creatively signing the package as handmade in Italy. Velvet in silk, crepe de chine, satin, hand washed denim that becomes a true artist’s canvas with inventive, original nuances. The beauty of the prints alternates with fullness of colour, of red, green, pink, and yellow… they are strong, abstract tones just like those in the magnificent works of Kandinskij. Discover the whole collection at

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